Astrology by Nance McCullough
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Astrology by Nance McCullough


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ISBN 0-936916-04-4

Nance's latest astrology book is the improved and updated version of Nance McCullough's very popular book, Love Formulas: The Works!  It features a new chapter, "You Are My Ideal," more actual situations and their manifestations, and more insights.  Another classic in synastry astrology!

176 Pages


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ISBN 0-936916-03-6

This work from astrologer Nance McCullough provides insight into one of the more significant times of life...when the Sun returns to the place in the heavens which marks our time of birth.  Why are solar returns significant?  What happens, what can happen, and why? These are questions that are answered in this warm and easy to read book.  Nance McCullough details 31 different rules which govern the passage of the solar return.  These rules, each with its own chapter, are supported by a variety of life examples drawn from associates thus providing a real sense of how each of these rules works.  These case studies explain explicitly and are more illustrative and explanatory than any other single material on Solar Returns. This book is for beginning astrologers as well as a thought-provoking work for those well into astrology and wishing to expand their awareness.

182 Pages



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Equal vs Unequal By Nance McCulloughEQUAL vs UNEQUAL
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ISBN 0-936916-00-1

This book uses both equal and unequal charts on true life examples to illustrate the superiority of the equal chart erection.  Ralph Holden's very technical, well researched book "The Elements of House Division" states that of the 14 different house cusp erection methods, the equal house is the most proficient. A very detailed account of the late  Duke of Windsor, who gave up his throne for the woman he loved, is included in the book.  The EQUAL chart fit every detail of his life and projections; whereas the UNEQUAL chart never came close!


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Love Formulas By Nance McCulloughLOVE FORMULAS:  THE WORKS!
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ISBN 0-936916-02-8

This book covers relationship interchanges left completely out of other synastry books.  Love Formulas: The Works!  has real life examples showing many different circumstances in relationships.   It has been called "...a classic in synastry astrology..." and "...the best astrology book I have ever read...."  This book includes actual situations and their manifestations: initial attractions, sexual attractions, karmic astrology, possible children problems, picking a marriage date, what makes a dull marriage, and many other fascinating details including numerology. All are accompanied  with true life examples.



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ISBN 0-936916-50-8

This 82-minute cassette tape covers a number of real life examples showing how their yearly birthday chart reveals what is outstanding in their lives that birthday year.  
Solar return rules are greatly amplified and fully explained with many vivid examples.


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Consider Derivative Houses Tape By Nance McCullough

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ISBN 0-936916-51-6

This descriptive and interesting 58-minute cassette tape shows the vast meaningfulness of those other people in your life, and their interactions to you.  This informative data is buried within everyone's own astrology charts.   Discover how these people in your life affect you and are affected.  Included are many case studies with in-depth detail.  Realize that some accessory astrology charts will fit other people in your life better than yourself.


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Personal Astrology ChartsPersonal Astrology Charts Available upon Request
These predictive charts are non-computer generated and go into a great deal of detail. The chart includes current solar return, progressions, transits, midpoints, part of fortune, plus a cursory compatibility with one person. Also includes numerology & cycles.
Chart data will be at least four pages long and will have degrees and minutes.

Needed data:
Full Name at Birth & Current Name
 Month/Day/Year/Hour/Minute (am or pm)
City/County/State/Country of birth

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